Monkey Bowl - Family Bowling Fun in the Jungle

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Sport Spil Familie Sport
Forfatter: HeavyLifters Network Ltd.
1.99 USD

Lets go bowling! You bring the banana pins, Ill bring the monkey head balls, and well meet at the bowling alley in the jungle! Get ready for monkey business, because the game is on!

Test your bowling skills in ten frames of multi-player monkey bowling madness! Choose yourself a monkey-head bowling ball, then hurl yourself down the bowling lane with a life-like feel. Thats right! Swing your arm and phone in a life-like bowling motion and leverage the accelerometers capabilities to detect spin when you twist your wrist. Think you can do better next game? Challenge yourself or pit your friends against your high scores!

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WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: We certify that no real monkeys were harmed in the making of this game. Device may become slippery if youve been eating bananas, no joke. Always bowl safe and wear a helmet!